AI Song Lyric Generator
AI Song Lyric Generator

SP Android App Crashes On Load. How to fix it?

When updating to a new version of Songwriter’s Pad from Google Play, the app could hang and crash. It’s a known bug for some devices running Android OS 12 and 14. To fix it, you need to clear the Songwriter’s Pad storage/and cache. Go to Settings > Apps > Songwriter's Pad > App Info Tap [...]

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What’s included in the Free App?

Songwriter's Pad is the ultimate lyric-writing app packed with cutting-edge AI lyric-generation features. From budding talents to Grammy Award winners, it's the go-to tool for songwriters worldwide to unleash their creativity and craft chart-topping hits. We offer fully featured forever FREE* plan (No credit card is required) Here are some of Songwriter’s Pad's key features [...]

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Are Songwriter’s Pad AI Generated Lyrics Unique?

The lyrics created by our AI model are typically unique and well-suited for incorporation into your musical compositions! While our goal is to eliminate duplication and similarities in the future, it's important to acknowledge that the model's training on internet lyrics may occasionally result in similarities with existing content. Therefore, we highly recommend users to [...]

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Can I Use Generated Song Lyrics Commercially?

Yes, users can use the lyrics generated by our AI model in commercial music projects. However, we highly recommend that users compare the generated lyrics with existing ones and customize them to ensure originality. Additionally, we strongly suggest performing a detailed plagiarism check before using them to ensure there are no copyright issues.

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I paid for the original app. Do I have to pay again for the new AI powered app?

No. Customers who paid for any version of the original app (iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac/Windows) will get free access to the new app. This includes all of the available pro features, unlimited songs and recordings and free cloud access that automatically backs up and syncs your songs across your mobile and desktop devices. Plus, each [...]

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Migration Help: If I didn’t have an account in the old app can you help me automate the migration of my songs?

Yes, we will try. If you have a version of Songwriter's Pad installed on your Android or iOS device that allows for the uploading and syncing of songs you can request that we create an account for you to automate the migration. Please contact us here: Include the following n the comments Requesting a [...]

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