To migrate your data from an older mobile version of Songwriter’s Pad to the new one, do the following:

  1. Open the SP Mobile App
  2. Sign into your SP Sync Cloud Account.
  3. Go to the All Songs list. If you don’t see any songs, tap Sync > Download All Songs 
  4. Review your songs and make sure you see the latest version.
  5. Tap Sync > Upload All Songs to Cloud
  6. If you use SP on more than one device, be sure to review and compare songs to upload the latest.
  7. Go to Settings within the app and find the link to download the new version of Songwriter’s Pad.
  8. Download the new app and sign in with the same email or username
  9. In the menu, tap the All Songs folder and swipe down on the song list screen to refresh it.
  10. Verify your content was synced by comparing both apps.

Here’s a video with the step-by-step instructions: Video Tutorial

Note: After signing into the new app, any songs edited or created in the old app will not be migrated.