Songwriter’s Pad is the ultimate lyric-writing app packed with cutting-edge AI lyric-generation features. From budding talents to Grammy Award winners, it’s the go-to tool for songwriters worldwide to unleash their creativity and craft chart-topping hits.

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Here are some of Songwriter’s Pad’s key features that are available to all users.
  1. Song Block Editor
  2. AI Song Lyric Generator
  3. Notebook
  4. Word/Phrase Mood Idea Generator
  5. Rhyming Dictionary
  6. Dictionary & Thesaurus lookup
  7. Audio Player and Recorder
  8. Auto-Syncs between devices
  9. Available free for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and Windows
  10. Import songs from Files, Dropbox, and Google Drive

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*Free users receive 750 AI word tokens and have a limit of creating 3 new songs per month. Your account is replenished with these allowances every month.