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Bob Vincent

Songwriter & Musician Bob Vincent

In a word, wow….the changes you’ve made, both to the interface, and its underlying functionality, are huge in terms of smooth, seamless operation.

Just had the time recently to sit down and work on a new song, and it was an absolute pleasure to put it together in the new Songwriter’s Pad…it was so intuitive, I didn’t have to think about “what or how”, I could just listen to the MP3 and concentrate on coming up with the right words and phrasing for what I was trying to say with the song.

Tires kicked, and very impressed by your sports car!

Songwriter & Musician,
Bob Vincent

About SP

Created for us, by us! That’s why its used by songwriters everywhere including many Grammy Award winners.

It is easy to set up and use
Start writing new songs within minutes
Keeps creativity flowing
Workflow is streamlined to keep you writing
Everything in one app
Contains all of the essential tools that every songwriter needs
Stellar support is included
Customer feedback has made SP what it is today!

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Sync songs seamlessly between devices


Songwriter’s Pad Sync (SPS)

With SPS you can back up and sync songs seamlessly across multiple devices and access them whenever you are connected to the internet.

SPS currently works with the following computers and devices:

  • Songwriter’s Pad™ Desktop for Mac OSX
  • Songwriter’s Pad™ Desktop for Windows Vista, 7 & 8
  • Songwriter’s Pad™ for iPhone
  • Songwriter’s Pad™ for iPad

Support for Android and Windows phones and tablets coming soon.

What Customers Are Saying About SP

Take your songwriting to the next level!

When you released the app it was a God send because it meant that I could leave my laptop at home and just use my iPhone or iPad. It also meant that I had a suitable replacement for a program I use called Master Writer.
Jamie J
Jamie J
Grammy Award Winner
You should be proud of what you created. The efficiencies in workflow really streamline the writing process. Plus, I've started using the built in recorder to capture ideas for alternate melody lines when they occur; I don't have to wait until I get set up in the studio.
Robert G
Robert G
Professional Songwriter
How would I write a review about this app? I'm a multi Grammy and Dove award winning singer songwriter and would love to help. I know I've turned at least 8-10 friends on to this app!
Bruce C
Bruce C
Grammy Award Winner, US
I really love your app! I think it's a fantastic tool for organizing your musical ideas. First, I downloaded the free version of the app to check it out. Then, I decided to upgrade because I was enjoying it so much.
Sarah K
Sarah K
Hey I love the songwriter app and I'm switching over to using it exclusively (as opposed to both a word processor and voice memos)…Thanks!
Matt C
Matt C
I have been using the Songwriter’s Pad app on my IPad for quite a while now. I absolutely LOVE using the app. I’ve been writing here in Nashville for 12 years now and it has become pretty much the only application I use while writing. It makes things MUCH easier! I’ve turned most of my co-writers on to the app as well.
Nashville Songwriter
I love your apps!!!! Also I was wondering if I can donate money in the future. I didn't see a donate button, it be nice if people could donate… Just a thought ;)
Misty W
Misty W
Just wanted to say thank you for developing the app, it really does what it says in the description and has helped me a lot! …it's a great tool to have as a songwriter so thank you for all of your work!
Tom T
Tom T
Songwriter, London England
I use your app all the time I think it's great…its made songwriting a pleasure for me.
Henry M
Henry M
Songwriter, US
Hello my name is Tavo first off let me start by saying that i love your app i use it almost all the time now. The functionality is the best the features are great…
Grammy winner with 3 #1 hits says...I enjoy using Songwriter's Pad with just my iPad and guitar.
Gary Baker
- Professional Songwriter, Nashiville

Write The Best Songs of Your LIfe

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